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Chewy Treats - निर्माता, कारखाने, आपूर्तिकर्ता चीन से

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  • Assorted colorful long lasting chewy dog bone

    Assorted colorful long lasting chewy dog bone

    • पैकेजिंग: color bag

    • परिवहन: Ocean

    Many veterinarians are concerned with the potiential health risks associated with dogs consuming rawide. Rawhide-free bones is next generation of chews that have all the benefits of rawhide without the intestinal blockage risks. Rawhide-free bones made with real chicken,vegetable and other healthy ingredients dogs...

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  • dog dental treats dog quality food

    dog dental treats dog quality food

    • पैकेजिंग: color bag

    • Min. आदेश: 1000 Bag/Bags

    • परिवहन: Ocean

    Vegebarand is our Best Selling item ,it met great favor home and broad. Vegebarand with the conception of Vegetable and 7 Dental EFFECTS by fighting both plaque and tatar buildup, freshening breath and maintaining healthier teeth and gums, also reduce intestinal blockage. It made with the finest natural ingredients...

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